7 tips to start potty training

1. Gather information

Before you start, talk to friends, consult with your pediatrician, and read up on different approaches.

2. Trust your instincts

You are the expert on your child, not your mother-in-law. Go with what you think will work best for your child and for you.

3. Give yourself time

Many preschools require children to be diaper free prior to enrollment. Start well before your deadline to build wiggle room into your timeline.

4. Aim for consistency

Set up your potty training schedule, but don’t worry too much if you can’t stick to it every day. Life happens.

5. Celebrate every step

Potty training is a process. Start by celebrating the little things, like sitting on the potty for a few seconds at a time.

6. Allow for do-overs

If there’s a major interruption in your family’s schedule and your child needs the comfort of the old routine, it’s OK to hang up the undies for a while.

7. Encourage independence
Help your child set a timer to remind him to go. Give stickers or rewards when he remembers to go, whether it’s with the help of a timer or all on his own!

Book Review: Potty Time!

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed.

Potty Time bookPotty Time! by Caroline Jayne Church is sure to engage. Each page in this simple board book has one or two lines of rhyme, taking a little boy through going potty and celebrating. This would match up nicely with our Potty Time Flashcards, which you can download for free.

There is a button on each page that makes a flushing sound when flushed – something small children love, and parents may view with mixed feeling, depending on your opinion of noisy books! The flush is very soft though, not like some of those other sound books that are so hard on the ears. The book ends with a celebration of potty time and being a big kid, something all young readers will enjoy relating to.

Don’t forget to end the story with a rendition of the song Let’s Celebrate! from our Potty Time DVD + Music too! (Click song title to download song sample)

Potty Training Tips

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed.

I recently came across this resource from Parenting.com on mom generated tips to go about potty training: Potty Training Strategies

What are your best tips? Be sure to visit our TIPS page for a list we’ve generated too!

Making Potty Training a Family Affair: Grandparents

By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

grandpa and grandmaWe’ve looked at how to get dad and siblings involved in potty training. Today, let’s take a look at grandparents.

1)   Get on the same page: Sometimes navigating child-rearing philosophies with your parents or in-laws can be tricky. Parenting methods have changed a great deal in the last several decades, and Grandma may have her tried and true method that just doesn’t jive with your approach. Continue reading

Making Potty Training a Family Affair: Dads

By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

In the next few posts, we’ll offer you some quick tips to get different members of your family involved with the potty training process.

Let’s start with Daddy. Dads are great. They have a special way with their kids and a different roll than mom. But, the truth is, sometimes dads can be a little reluctant or unsure when it comes to potty training. Here are three quick tips to get them in on the action. Continue reading

Baby Hopkins Plush Now in Potty Time Pack

Baby Hopkins Plush from Potty Time

Baby Hopkins is now a part of the “You Can Do It” Pack, which recently won the the Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award. This super soft  9-inch plush comes with removable undies, so he’s the perfect teaching tool for potty training! Here are some ways you can use Baby Hopkins to support toilet training:

  • Ask your child to teach Hopkins signs for Potty, Wipe, Wash, Flush
  • Let your child play with Hopkins as a reward for potty time success
  • Have a “potty party” with Hopkins to celebrate successes
  • Fasten the Potty Watch around Hopkins’ body so he can remind your child when it’s time to go!
Potty Time You Can Do It Pack with Baby Hopkins


New Potty Time Board Book!

Potty Time Board BookSamples pages from the Potty Time Board Book

In this charming story, Hopkins the Frog goes from wearing a diaper to “Fly of the Loom” big frog undies! He isn’t sure about potty training at first, but he learns to listen to his body, stop what he’s doing, and use the potty – all by himself! This book, Hopkins Uses the Potty, addresses common potty training concerns, like having an accident, in a positive and playful way.

Potty Time You Can Do It PackSAVE when you purchase this book in the Potty Time – You Can Do It Pack with four great resources for potty training success:

  • Potty Time DVD
  • Potty Time Music CD
  • Hopkins Uses the Potty Board Book
  • Potty Watch (in green, pink or blue)

Buy the Potty Time You Can Do It Pack

Potty Time Songs: Sample MP3s and Lyrics

Potty Time DVD + CD

No you can preview all 9 of the catchy songs from the Potty Time DVD+CD! These playful and positive songs help children feel good about their bodies and celebrate successes of any kind. Click to download the MP3 samples for:

Share the fun! Review the Potty Time app

Many of you have been writing us on Facebook to tell us what you think of the new Potty Time app (available for Apple and Android). Here are just a few of your comments:

  • My son loves when Rachel calls him! -Jill
  • We love the success chart – printed out one and using one on the app! -Devon
  • Enjoying the book and videos so much. Great for when our little guy is stuck waiting. -Denille

Try the app out now – it’s free! If you like it, please help us spread the word by posting a quick review on iTunes or Android Market. Thank you! Continue reading