Customer Success Stories

Hopkins holding underwear

We love to hear from our customers! Read the following Potty Time success stories. Or submit your own potty training success story! We want to know how Potty Time works for your family.

I am a big fan of Potty Time! I wasn’t sure how to go about potty training my child, I had heard lots and lots of methods and ways. This DVD was perfect! The songs are simple and catchy and my daughter sings them and shows me the signs. She loves watching all of the kids sign “stop” and “go” and she mimics them when she has to go potty. And of course she loves to celebrate and dance afterward just like they do on the show. After a week of watching a lot of Potty Time and getting adjusted to going on the potty she was potty trained!
– Madelyn E.

So, prior to the arrival of Potty Time, Julian (nearly 4) would not sit on the potty. In fact, he’d scream every time you brought it near him, and no amount of coaxing, bribing, candy or cookies would change that. The first night we put the DVD in, we had his sister (6) sit on a toddler potty next to him, and he immediately sat down, signing “Signing Time Potty?” The first night he sat for a full 20 minutes, without complaint, eyes glued to the screen. Within a week, he was signing for underwear, and asking if he could wear them, and pulling them off and on. When he did eventually pee in the underwear, he signed “accident”.

At this point, he goes about the house singing the little songs, and has used the potty. We know he wants to watch Potty Time because he’ll say “want amazing” or sign “celebrate time.” At his preschool, all they have to do it tell him “It’s Potty Time,” and he’ll willingly participate in the toileting ritual…if they give him the little Signing Time flashcards to play with while he sits. We’re not done, but he’s made more progress since the arrival of the DVD than he has in all the previous years.

He used the potty a second time today. When he’s finished he stands up and announces “Good Job, Juju! Celebrate!”
– Carissa M. – Oregon