Rachel on the Making of Potty Time: Star of Signing Time, Rachel Coleman, on her journey to create Potty Time.

Potty Training – Not Always What You Expect: Kids may find some surprising times and places to go!

Potty Training Al Fresco: Adventures in Potty Training a Spirited Child: Potty Time Expert Colleen comes clean with how potty training at her house was not exactly what (or where) she might have thought.

Funny Stories from Facebook: Part 1: Our Facebook community shares their funniest stories.

Funny Stories from Facebook: Part 2: Our Facebook community share more funny stories!

It Just Might be My Worst Nightmare:  public bathrooms… is there anything worse?

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  2. Great post I wish I would have had it available to me about 13 years ago when i was potty training my son. Thanks again for the links! Sarah 🙂

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