Making Potty Training a Family Affair: Grandparents

By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

grandpa and grandmaWe’ve looked at how to get dad and siblings involved in potty training. Today, let’s take a look at grandparents.

1)   Get on the same page: Sometimes navigating child-rearing philosophies with your parents or in-laws can be tricky. Parenting methods have changed a great deal in the last several decades, and Grandma may have her tried and true method that just doesn’t jive with your approach. Try to gently explain how you are going to go about potty training and why. But listen too. We potty train a lot later than her generation did, and she may have some pearls of wisdom to help move things along.

2)   Have them contribute to the supplies: Often gifts from Grandma and Grandpa have special meaning. If they are willing and able, have the grandparents purchase a pack of special big kid undies or the special toilet seat. Then, when your child uses these things, remind her that she’s getting to use something special from the grandparents, who think she is “just such a big girl now!”


3)   Bring them in on the celebration: Perhaps your child could earn a special outing with a grandparent who is local. If they are long-distance, let your child call them on the phone to report success. If the grandparents are tech savvy, you could even do a video chat where the child can report success or perform the potty dance.

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