Book Review: Even Firefighters Go to the Potty

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed.

Even Firefighters Go to the Potty

By Wendy and Naomi Wax Illustrated by Stephen Gilpin

I’ve done quite a few potty training book reviews on this blog, so when the author of this book contacted me and asked if I’d like to take a look at her new book, I thought I’d take a little bit of a different spin.

I took my six year old to a friend’s house to read with her 22-month-old twins.  My son is like a cousin or big brother to these boys, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to see what they did. After all, who better to REALLY review a book than the kids themselves?

This book is charming, showing all sorts of childhood heroes delaying an event because they need to go potty, from the titled firefighter, to baseball players, to conductors and astronauts. My son giggled through the book as he read, and the twins, generally super active little guys, stayed well tuned in the entire time.

The twins sign "train" because, "Even conductors go to the potty!"

The twins sign "train" because, "Even conductors go to the potty!"

The illustrations are bright, bold, and engaging, and I particularly like the facial expressions on the characters. Thankfully, the missing waiter is shown washing his hands! We grownups might not want to dwell on it, but even waiters go to the potty too! It’s also a great time to practice the “I Wash My Hands” song, or perhaps talk about how how the characters are practicing “Stop and Go!” (click on each song title to hear clips of these Potty Time songs).

My very favorite part of this little activity though had to be when we were done reading and put the book to the side. One of the twins climbed up to the table to read it again, gleefully saying POTTY as he turned each page. I lunged for my video camera and caught a bit of it. Enjoy.

Click on the picture to open the video.

Click on the picture to open the video.

Book Review: Potty Time!

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed.

Potty Time bookPotty Time! by Caroline Jayne Church is sure to engage. Each page in this simple board book has one or two lines of rhyme, taking a little boy through going potty and celebrating. This would match up nicely with our Potty Time Flashcards, which you can download for free.

There is a button on each page that makes a flushing sound when flushed – something small children love, and parents may view with mixed feeling, depending on your opinion of noisy books! The flush is very soft though, not like some of those other sound books that are so hard on the ears. The book ends with a celebration of potty time and being a big kid, something all young readers will enjoy relating to.

Don’t forget to end the story with a rendition of the song Let’s Celebrate! from our Potty Time DVD + Music too! (Click song title to download song sample)

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Book Reviews! Prince/Princess of the Potty

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed.
Prince of the Potty Princess of the Potty
Prince of the Potty                               
Princess of the Potty

Books by Nora Gaydos

Two different books, one for boys and one for girls! These stories are filled with fun and colorful illustrations, each depicting a very happy potty training toddler. The stories are more or less the same, just swapping out male and female characters (boys noticing Dad, Grandpa and Max using the potty, girls noticing Mom, Grandma, and Lulu).

First the child starts out with celebrating all the fun things they can do now, and how they are not so fond of the wet heavy diaper. The child notices how family members and a friend use the potty, and think they may wish to try too. A good effort, and accident, and finally success, the children become Prince or Princess of the Potty, depending on the book you chose.

At the end of the book, there are notes for parents on potty training readiness and tips on how to prepare for and implement potty training.

These books would be nice choices for the Prince or Princess in your world as they are both supportive and celebratory. Echoing the Potty Time program, children are taught to listen to their body, follow pottying steps, and of course, celebrate!

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Book Review: Uh Oh! Gotta Go! Potty Tales from Toddlers

Uh Oh! Gotta Go!By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

Fans of Sesame Street will recognize the author of this story, Bob McGrath, who has spent 38 years on the show to date. This isn’t a Sesame Street book though – it’s one of his own creations.

Each page shows a different child up to something involving the potty, some making it just in time, others being a little creative with what they do with it, and of course the one who has the accident (it’s okay!). This book really showcases the creative and fun personalities of the potty training toddler, as well as children from many different ethnic backgrounds.

A really fun bonus in the back is a special page where your child can glue in their own picture and become a part of the story.

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Book Review: Where’s the Poop?

Where's the Poop?By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

This book by Julie Markes is a lift-the-flap book that uses animals from all over the world. On each page, a parent animal asks the baby one if they have pooped, and the response is “Yes”. The reader lifts flaps and first discovers different surprises in the environment, and then finally the hidden poop. On the last page, it is a human boy who has pooped, and his can be found (thankfully) in the toilet.

This is a very cute book, with sweet illustrations. Animal lovers will enjoy looking at all the baby animals in their habitats with their parents. Children who are a little rougher on their books will probably make short work of the delicate flaps. Wise parents of spirited little children will need to stress that although the animal poop was found in a variety of places, there is just one place for human poop in the house!

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Book Review: “A Potty For Me”

By Kim Fries, MA CCC-SLP

A Potty For MeThis bright colorful lift-the-flap book follows a child, along with a very patient Mommy, through the potty training process. At first the child is hesitant to use the potty, then tries but has an accident and finally goes and gets to wear “big kid pants.”  The child is nondescript and could be seen as a boy or girl.  Parents will like the opportunity to discuss accidents and opportunity to “try again.”  The book has a sing-songy rhyming rhythm that flows easily, and the sense of pride the child feels at the end brings a smile to your face.

I have used this book for years in my Signing Classes.  I loved the vocabulary (potty, try, diaper, big kid, accident, proud) and emphasis on children trying rather than the pressure to succeed.  The author’s focus on child readiness and use of emotion vocabulary (happy, proud) was also a big draw for me.

With the release of the Potty Time board book, “Hopkins Uses the Potty”, I now use both.  They work well together and give the parents in my signing classes an opportunity to practice vocabulary while reading a book to a toddler. When parent go home and sign during the potty routine, or sign another book, they have shared with me that the additional practice helps them feel more confident and comfortable with signing. Signing with your child is good not only for potty training, but early literacy skills too!

A Potty For Me matches the Potty Time philosophy and goes well with the songs “Stop and Go”, “Accident” and “Celebrate!” (click on the songs to hear a sample!)

Kim Fries is a Certified Master Signing Time Academy Instructor. You can learn more about Kim and her signing and speech classes by visiting her website HERE

Book Review: “Diapers Are Not Forever”

By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at some of the MANY potty training books on the market. Here’s the first one!

Diapers Are Not ForeverDiapers are Not Forever book
By Elizabeth Verdick

A very simple prose, along with the inviting illustrations, will draw children into this book that explains how diapers are not forever. It starts with showing how the children are growing and now they can do what the big kids do – go potty! It then takes the reader through the steps of going potty, with noted differences for boys and girls, and stresses the celebration a child can have with his family. As a bonus, there are tips for parents at the end.

Parents who prefer not to reward with tangible items will appreciate the idea that the family will celebrate with a “clap and cheer”. This book fits great with the Potty Time philosophy and songs, especially the “Potty Dance” and “Let’s Celebrate” (Click on the songs to hear a sample!)

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