Book Reviews! Prince/Princess of the Potty

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed.
Prince of the Potty Princess of the Potty
Prince of the Potty                               
Princess of the Potty

Books by Nora Gaydos

Two different books, one for boys and one for girls! These stories are filled with fun and colorful illustrations, each depicting a very happy potty training toddler. The stories are more or less the same, just swapping out male and female characters (boys noticing Dad, Grandpa and Max using the potty, girls noticing Mom, Grandma, and Lulu).

First the child starts out with celebrating all the fun things they can do now, and how they are not so fond of the wet heavy diaper. The child notices how family members and a friend use the potty, and think they may wish to try too. A good effort, and accident, and finally success, the children become Prince or Princess of the Potty, depending on the book you chose.

At the end of the book, there are notes for parents on potty training readiness and tips on how to prepare for and implement potty training.

These books would be nice choices for the Prince or Princess in your world as they are both supportive and celebratory. Echoing the Potty Time program, children are taught to listen to their body, follow pottying steps, and of course, celebrate!

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