Share the fun! Review the Potty Time app

Many of you have been writing us on Facebook to tell us what you think of the new Potty Time app (available for Apple and Android). Here are just a few of your comments:

  • My son loves when Rachel calls him! -Jill
  • We love the success chart – printed out one and using one on the app! -Devon
  • Enjoying the book and videos so much. Great for when our little guy is stuck waiting. -Denille

Try the app out now – it’s free! If you like it, please help us spread the word by posting a quick review on iTunes or Android Market. Thank you!

Potty Time App

With the Potty Time app, you have eight new ways to celebrate success:

  • Let your child get a video call from Rachel
  • Read “Hopkins Uses the Potty” together
  • Watch Potty Time videos together
  • Play a fun Potty Time matching game
  • Chart your child’s success on your mobile device
  • Print a success chart for your fridge
  • Celebrate your child’s success with a Potty Time Certificate
  • Brag about your child on our Facebook page

Download the free Potty Time app
Learn about the Potty Time program

2 thoughts on “Share the fun! Review the Potty Time app

  1. My son loves “potty time!” He loves to call Rachel, and play Hopkin’s memory game, however, the app always seems to freeze a few seconds into the game, and you can’t turn over any more pictures.