Making Potty Training a Family Affair: Dads

By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

In the next few posts, we’ll offer you some quick tips to get different members of your family involved with the potty training process.

Let’s start with Daddy. Dads are great. They have a special way with their kids and a different roll than mom. But, the truth is, sometimes dads can be a little reluctant or unsure when it comes to potty training. Here are three quick tips to get them in on the action.

1)   Share the plan: Either come up with a potty training approach together, or if mom takes the lead, she should make sure dad is on board with whatever method is being used. Sometimes writing out the potty plan is helpful.

Father and son2)   Go for practical: Dads often aren’t too thrilled to be lugging around that diaper bag. And the cost of diapers and pull-ups is something anyone would be glad to leave behind. So, remind him that when potty training is complete, his load to bear will be lighter and his wallet just a little heavier.

3)   Celebrate and motivate: Some dads are great cheerleaders while others need a little push. A gentle reminder of what an awesome influence they can be in their child’s life, and an encouragement to “potty dance” (or whatever you do) can go a long way. After all, what’s going to be funnier to a toddler than big goofy Daddy breaking it down to the Potty Dance?


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