Making Potty Training a Family Affair: Siblings

By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

monkey see, monkey do!We’re taking a look at different ways to get family members involved in the potty training process. To read about dads, click HERE. Today, let’s talk about those older siblings.

1)   Monkey see, monkey do: Toddlers are often in awe of their older siblings.  Use this to your advantage. Let the little one watch as the older one does their potty business and washes up (as long as the older child is comfortable with that, of course). There’s a good chance he will want to be just like his big brother and start to imitate.

2)   Encourage a team approach: Let your kids work together on the process. Facebook member Heidi E. has this great method: My 4 yr old and 19 month old both have Potty Time Watches (by the 4 yr old’s request). I have them set to go off about a minute apart, with the oldest first since I know the younger one will copy anything her brother does. They also both put stick stickers on the success chart so it has become a team effort to fill the chart.

celebrating together!3)   Celebrate together: Let the older one take a part in the celebration. They can start the celebration song, maybe from the Potty Time DVD, secretly initiate the call to Rachel on our free app, go get the stickers for the chart, or dole out the high-fives. Enjoy this time with all of you together!


2 thoughts on “Making Potty Training a Family Affair: Siblings

  1. Hi
    We are currently training daugther #3 and it has been an……..interesting journey so far. I always knew about the older children showing younger ones how it’s done but never really thought about having them actually do it. Daughter #3 knows the older ones use the potty but I haven’t made it a “Family Affair” I will be trying that now. We are having #2 issues. She’s very well trained if going behind the couch or in their playhouse outside on a regular basis counts?? Sadly, I don’t think it does.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hi Sarah! Sounds like you have your hands full! 🙂 Going behind the couch or in the playhouse is a start… at least you know she knows when her body is telling her to go! Good luck!