Funny Stories from Facebook: Part Two

Thanks to our Facebook fans for sharing their hilarious potty training moments!

I think our funniest was the first time my daughter pooped on the potty. She looked at it and was shocked. She said,  “What’s that? Where did it come from?”  (Jo K.)

Baby Hopkins from Potty TimeWhile my oldest son was potty-training he had a poop accident. He didn’t want everyone to know so he tried to vacuum it up. My vacuum cleaner was sooo nasty and so was the carpet where he tried to “clean” it up from. (Esmi M.)

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Funny Stories from Facebook: Part One

Baby Alex from Potty TimeRecently we asked our Facebook community to share their funniest potty training stories and got some great ones. Here is the first installment of funny stories, with more to come later this week. Enjoy!

My son went potty in the middle of the night the other day. After going Potty he asked “Call Rachel! No Rachel sleeping, call in the morning!” (Mickelle G.)

Last year I was letting my daughter, probably around 18-20 months, go naked. I thought keeping her off the carpet would keep any mess from getting out of hand. Then I looked over and saw her sitting on the heater vent in the floor. Just then the heat came on, her eyes got big, and by the time I got to her, sure enough she had peed into the register! (Clara W.) Continue reading

Rachel on the Making of Potty Time!

Rachel Coleman, co-creator and star of the award winning Signing Time, recently wrote a blog post about what’s in Potty Time and why it only took her short 10 years to create it! Well, we are of course very thrilled that she did, and the approach she takes is supportive, child-centered, and flexible enough to fit any family’s potty training methods.

And while you read the fun back story to Potty Time, be sure to check out her hilarious outtakes! You can certainly see why she is star of stage and screen (and yes, she’s just as much fun, and just as petite, in person)!

Aaron Coleman, Rachel's husband, gets silly on the Potty Time set!

Click here to read Rachel’s blog post:


Potty training – not always what you expect

by Cynthia Noell

One day when my child was being potty trained; she had fallen asleep in the living room while watching television with me and the other children.

When I woke her up to move her to her bed, she was so tired that she just couldn’t get oriented. She needed to use the restroom, so I told her to go ahead and I would be there to tuck her in in a minute. I came back and couldn’t find her.
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