Potty training – not always what you expect

by Cynthia Noell

One day when my child was being potty trained; she had fallen asleep in the living room while watching television with me and the other children.

When I woke her up to move her to her bed, she was so tired that she just couldn’t get oriented. She needed to use the restroom, so I told her to go ahead and I would be there to tuck her in in a minute. I came back and couldn’t find her.

Well, after a short search, I found her sitting in the cabinet under the kitchen sink peeing. Yes that’s right! She was peeing under the sink.

Fortunately, I keep what I call a pile of clean up towels under the cabinet. I use them whenever one of the children spills something to just wipe it up.  It keeps life a lot easier; after all, spills happen!

Anyway, I could not believe my child was peeing sitting in the cabinet! Needless to say, there was a lot of laundry going on in my house that night. Crazy things happen when potty training.

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