Funny Stories from Facebook: Part One

Baby Alex from Potty TimeRecently we asked our Facebook community to share their funniest potty training stories and got some great ones. Here is the first installment of funny stories, with more to come later this week. Enjoy!

My son went potty in the middle of the night the other day. After going Potty he asked “Call Rachel!┬áNo Rachel sleeping, call in the morning!” (Mickelle G.)

Last year I was letting my daughter, probably around 18-20 months, go naked. I thought keeping her off the carpet would keep any mess from getting out of hand. Then I looked over and saw her sitting on the heater vent in the floor. Just then the heat came on, her eyes got big, and by the time I got to her, sure enough she had peed into the register! (Clara W.)

Courtney, who was about 13 months at the time, was going through a phase where I could not go anywhere without her. So she came with me to the potty. When I was done, she flushed the potty, clapped for me, and “called” Rachel. When she accepted the call, she held it so I could see it, then signed “amazing”. Guess I did a good job. (Elizabeth C.)

I found my breaking point exactly one week into potty training. Ava knew she shouldn’t poop in her panties but during nap-time she did. Using 22-month-old logic, she dumped the contents out in her crib. She proceeded to walk through it. The breaking point was her getting it all over her toddler bible. Yep, cleaning poop off of a bible- that was the breaking point. And there was only 1 Clorox wipe left in the container- haha! (Andrea H.)

The first time my son saw a urinal after he was potty trained, he tried to sit in it to go to the bathroom! Obviously we hadn’t worked on peeing while standing yet… (Alicia H.)

We were out to dinner and my husband took our 2 yr old (just turned 3) to the potty. He returned to the table joyfully shouting “Mommy! I went poopie on the potty!” Every head spun around to stare. Yes, it was not something people want to hear while eating but it was also apparent that none of them had kids or understood why that was exciting. (Renee L.)

My son was in the tub playing with his boats. All of a sudden he yelled, “Save me!” I thought he was narrating his play with the boats, so I said, “What happened?” He replied, “Save me, I have to poop!” So, I snatched him up and sat him on the potty. Success! I was so proud of him. It was the first time he told me he needed the potty! Plus, it gave us a good laugh! (Amy R.)

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