Funny Stories from Facebook: Part Two

Thanks to our Facebook fans for sharing their hilarious potty training moments!

I think our funniest was the first time my daughter pooped on the potty. She looked at it and was shocked. She said,  “What’s that? Where did it come from?”  (Jo K.)

Baby Hopkins from Potty TimeWhile my oldest son was potty-training he had a poop accident. He didn’t want everyone to know so he tried to vacuum it up. My vacuum cleaner was sooo nasty and so was the carpet where he tried to “clean” it up from. (Esmi M.)

When my daughter sits on the potty I always encourage her to “keep trying.” And tell her “You can do it, I believe in you.” Now whenever my husband and I need to go to the potty she runs in to tell us to “Keep trying. Good job. You can do it, I believe in you.” She’s so helpful. (Laura M.)

My daughter is no dummy. While learning she got 1 Skittle for pee and 2 for poop. She would pee and get her Skittle. Then 5 minutes later she would pee again and got another Skittle, this went on about 3 more times before I realized she had out smarted me and was going a tiny bit at a time.  (Melissa F.)

Last night I was sitting, fully clothed, on the toilet. The lid was closed, I was just resting. (Okay, actually I was having an emotional moment and bawling my eyes out. It’s an IVF thing.) My 23-month-old daughter walks in and first signs/says, “Mommy sad,” while making fake sobbing sounds. Then she grabs some TP, and says, “Wipe front to back.” She proceeded to blot my front and my behind, and then flush the toilet. She placed the TP in her own potty. I don’t think anything else could have snapped me out of my funk faster! When I didn’t copy her and sign sad, she grabbed my hand and swiped it over my face for me. Haha! (Dawn D.)

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