Potty Time App now available for iPhone!

Apple approved the Potty Time app for iOS! Now you can download the Potty Time app for your iPhone or iPad. Use this free app to let your little one put stickers on a virtual chart, watch a Potty Time videos clip, or read a Potty Time story about Hopkins. You can even set up a call from Rachel, who will say, “Congratulations!” or “You can do it! Try again!” to your child. How cool is that?

Sarah Nichols of Kentucky downloaded the app yesterday and posted this comment on the Potty Time Facebook page: All my son wants to do is “talk to Rachel” and then pick a sticker. She’s given him so much incentive and we’ve had so much success today!!! 🙂

Download the Potty Time app now!

The Potty Time app is free. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.



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