Working Moms: Potty Training Approach and Daycare

By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

Here’s an interesting blog post on how one working mom went about starting to potty train her little girl: From The Potty Training Trenches

She has some interesting thoughts at the end about a challenge of potty training when your child is at daycare:

“I’m worried that with nobody paying as close attention to her body language as we do at home, they will not know when she needs to go, and that Abby will forget about holding it or talking about going potty. They know we have begun potty training and when they are changing diapers and such they do have her sit on the potty, but she has yet to have any type of successes with them. I’m thinking we need to just ask them this week to talk to her throughout the day about the potty and encouraging her more than just once an hour.”

How have you approached potty training with other people who watch your child?

2 thoughts on “Working Moms: Potty Training Approach and Daycare

  1. You make some good points. I agree that potty training is more difficult when your child is in daycare. They don’t seem to follow through except when it is a scheduled time to go. Over the years I have found that a good working mom blog can be a great resource through all of the stages of a child’s life, and they often have great stories and advice about things like this. My favorite site, Young Urban Moms, has a ton useful tips that only come with experience. I get great tips, advice, stories, and ideas from moms that are really easy to relate to and really funny. You should check them out.

  2. Our (almost 2 yo) daughter’s day care is excellent. They ask all the potty trained kids hourly if they need to go. Our daughter is also pretty good about telling us when she needs to go, so I’m fairly confident that she would tell the day care staff if it was in between one of the hourly checks.