Wet clothes, fighting to go, and training young… your questions answered!

Here are some more questions and answers from our Facebook community:

So, my question is how do I teach him he HAS to wear clothes and still use the potty? (Melanie M)

How about making a game of it? Maybe let clothes be optional at home and make that a really funny special time for him. Then when it is time to be in public, he knows that is “clothes time”. At this point, let him be the one to pick a favorite shirt or underwear, or superhero cape to wear to the grocery store…something that gives him a little extra sense of control over the situation.

There is something about little boys that makes them just delight in being without clothes… even my six year old still feels this way, as evidenced by what he did with his clothes upon arriving home from school recently in the picture here.

My son knows when he has to but at times fights to get on potty or toilet… What can I do? (Elizabeth P.)

Sometimes the trick is finding just the right motivator. Stickers? Small treats? Earning a special outing with mom or dad? What would make him really really want to try? You can check out our free downloadable chart here: POTTY TIME CHART

Keep it light. Toddlers will engage in power struggles, and the last thing you want is a power struggle over using the toilet.  Really talk up the “big boy” aspect, and point out all the big people and big kids in his world who use the potty and that is SOOOOO cool!

My daughter will be 3 soon, she will use the potty if she has NO bottoms on, but the second you put on a pull up, underwear, or pants, she goes in them instead of the potty.. How do we break this habit? We’ve been training her for months now, and its generally always the same thing..

Also, my son is 16 months and has been showing interest in the potty, maybe because his older sister goes on it? My question is, how do I go about training him… the same way I did with my daughter? (pantsless?) I feel like he’s so young to be using the potty, but in retrospect he likely could be now It would be great if they were both potty trained at the same time lol! (Heather M)

With your daughter, I would suggest making her responsible for the wet messes. She needs to wipe up, change, and wash her hands. (You will need to handle solids for sanitary reasons). It’s probably also time to get rid of the pull-ups all together. They don’t really let the child feel the wetness and you want her to have that feeling to help her learn to respond to her body’s signals.

Can you get her some underwear with a favorite character on it (princesses, Dora, etc.). Tell her the character doesn’t like to get wet!

For your son – no, 16 months is definitely not too young. In fact, my nephew is training about this age (lucky parents!!). I say if he’s willing then strike when the iron is hot! Go ahead and let him try along with her, and if he starts to build success you are ahead of the game. If he’s not quite ready, the practice and praise will be great!

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