We Love Our Facebook Fans!

Facebook is all lit up with early celebrations and success stories from Potty Time! See what some of our fans have to say…

My 22 month old has shown no interest in potty training so we haven’t pushed it AT ALL. I bought Potty Time as soon as it was out and my son has been watching it every day at least once, but usually closer to 3-5 times a day (what can I say…he likes Rachel). Well, in that short time, (what 10 days?) my son asked to sit on the potty yesterday and he went #2. Today he asked and he went #1. I’m sure you can imagine how astonished I am. (Terri R.)

We love it!! My daughter isn’t super ready to start yet, but we loved learning the new signs and learning the songs. I think once she feels ready to try this will really help us! (Karen M)

Ms. Rachel Coleman . . . I was one of those people who begged you to make a Potty Time video. I told you that my daughter, who has Fragile X, would do anything you say. After 4 years and 10 months, my baby girl FINALLY just went pee pee on the potty!!!!!! The whole time she was in the bathroom, she was singing, “When you need to potty, show Mom and Dad. Sign potty, do the potty dance. Wipe, wipe, wipe, Mom and Dad will help you . . . ” THANK YOU!!!!! (Rachel G.)

Just wanted to share, we have had the potty time DVD for about a week and my son LOVES it! He went in the potty 5 times today!!! He runs to the bathroom every time he hears the watch go off! (Clarice W.)

Ever since we received the DVD on Monday, that is all my children (boys, ages 2 and 3) want to watch. My oldest calls it “Baby Signing Time goes to the Potty” and my youngest keeps running around saying “my body is amazing!!!!” I have the entire Baby Signing Time and Signing Time collection (books, DVDs, flash cards, Story Time…etc) and am so thrilled to have Potty Time too! I rave about your series every chance I get! Thank you for all that you do for parents and children alike! (Adele E.)

We played our DVD for the first time Sunday night. 22 month old Alexander is already asking for “potty time” and pointing to the tv. He stripped his clothes and said potty. But he won’t sit still long enough to use the potty, because he wants to dance and jump to the music! He laughed hysterically when Rachel does her cartwheel. And last night at bath time he was singing a new word: “amazing, amazing, amazing!”. Gotta love it!! Thanks Potty Time. 🙂 (Susy O.)

We received our “Potty Time” in the mail today! My son (2 years old) and niece (23 months old) are already obsessed with the DVD 🙂 Thanks! (Jennifer J-D.)

My daughter Pietà, at 12 months, started signing “potty” at random times (not in view of the potty) – and we’ve had TWO successful, um, “hits” (one and two!), and she also signs potty when she is going in her diaper – so she recognizes the function. She wipes, flushes, waves bye-bye as the water swirls down, washes hands… She is also very congratulatory to ANYONE coming out of the bathroom – and does a little dance whilst waving “potty” frantically at them. And this includes people at public restrooms. I am not posting this to brag (ok, joost a leetle) – but as a testament to the efficacy of Rachel’s programs. Potty Time has been a wonderful “expanded version” of the basics she learned in the Baby Signing Time series, (which she can sign and understand ALL the signs therein!). Time to graduate to Signing Time! We thank you so, so much! (CarlaRose D.)

My 19-month-old daughter used the potty for the first time today! We have an extra one that looks like a frog (we call it her Hopkins potty). She put it in front of the mirror and sat on it. I thought she was just playing around like usual…then I heard the sound of liquid hitting the bottom! We were so proud, we did the Celebrate dance after! (Dawn D.)

For those curious, Spencer has had Potty Time now since Sat, and on Sunday I went out and bought a potty and after watching it 10 times a day (at his request) he goes in there several times just to sit on the potty!!  (It’s A Preemie Thing)

We got the DVD Saturday and love it! My 2 year old daughter has had no interest in the potty except for the one in my parents’ yard filled with flowers. Tonight she jumped up and said, “I am going to listen to my body and sit on the potty.” She ran back to the potty. She didn’t actually use it but it is a great start. Thank you!!!! (Dawn M.)

Finally got a chance to watch our Potty Time video today and it was SO much fun! I totally laughed out loud and my 17 month old was dancing almost the entire time (April V.)

My son was in a diaper, used it, and then ran up and signed ACCIDENT while saying “uh-oh!” That’s a first! Yay, Potty Time! (Carissa M.)

We got our copy yesterday, and put it in immediately! All of my girls are supporting their 2 year old sister in her potty learning, and they all enjoyed it very much! Thanks, Rachel! (Jennifer K.)

We got our Potty Time in the mail today and my son has been dancing and singing to the whole thing! I haven’t seen him this excited since we got our copies of Baby Signing Time! These are the only thing he will sit still and watch! Thanks so much for another great video! (Michelle W.)

We just finished watching Potty Time for the first time. Our 2 year old loved it! He stood in front of the TV the entire time mimicking what he was watching. Thank you Potty Time (Adam W.)

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  1. My son is 37-months and loves Potty Time just as much as he has loved his entire Baby Signing Time and Signing Time DVDs. Although he is still scared to sit on the potty (he has Down syndrome and we do things on our own timetable), he seems excited about the new signs and is stringing them together to communicate in new ways. Today he signed “Body Amazing Time Thirsty” and then signed “drink milk please”. He signed “Potty, wipe, flush, wash” when someone else goes to the bathroom. Potty Time is helping him make more connections and communicate about his world- yet another step toward independence and Potty training. Our path will no doubt be easier and filled with more fun and songs because of Potty Time. Thank you!!