Tips for Potty Training During the Holidays

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C

The holidays can seem like a daunting time to start or continue potty training. But with a  little pre-planning and flexibility, you can get through it!

restroom sign

1) Plan ahead, then plan some more: Plan your trips shopping so that you know which stores have the most accessible (and cleanest!) bathrooms. Plan your distance trips to the relatives with a few extra built-in potty stops. Plan for extra clothes. Because while all the planning in the world is great, accidents still happen.

2) Up the ante: Build in some extra incentives around the busy holidays. A new sticker chart, use our FREE APP for the first time, or a special few calls to Grandma to brag about a potty win. I personally don’t suggest using Santa’s visit or the Elf on the Shelf as extra incentive, but that’s a personal family choice too.

3) Keep an eye on the schedule: Make sure that amongst the holiday festivities that your child is getting adequate rest. A sleepy child is going to have a little bit more of a challenge making it to the potty or feeling cooperative on a potty schedule.

4) Easy on the treats:  Enjoy the holiday get-togethers with your kiddo, but be mindful of their nutrition this year, particularly as it relates to potty training. Make sure they’re getting enough fiber in the form of fruits, veggies, and whole grains to balance out the cookies and candy canes, and plenty of water to stay hydrated while enjoying the occasional hot chocolate or fruit punch too.

5) Remember it is just a season: While the holidays can be a bit of an overwhelming time to tackle potty training, it is totally doable! But… if you or your child need a break, particularly if they are quite young or new to potty training, that’s okay. January will be here before you know it and you can dust off and start anew (perhaps with some fun new underwear gifted just for the occasion!)

Wishing you a warm and lovely holiday season

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