My Son Doesn’t Care That He’s Wet

By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

Here’s another question from our Facebook Community. You can find a list of these under our FAQs.

My son doesn’t care when he’s wet. Anything I can do to help with that?

There are a few ways you can go about helping the child who does not mind the wet sensation. It is perfectly okay for a child to help clean up wet accidents (you take care of bowel movements that miss though). Sometimes just having the child take on part of that responsibility is enough to convince them using the potty is a better deal.

You might try getting underwear that has a favorite character on it. Tell them the character doesn’t like to get wet! Or maybe superheroes have to stay dry to use their powers!

A child who is otherwise ready to potty train but is not listening to their body just yet may benefit from a timer, such as the Potty Watch.

Another option is to not focus on the fact that the child doesn’t like to be wet. Instead, focus on all the fun that potty training can be. Toss some Cheerios into the potty and let him sink them. Check out our potty chart or the Potty Time App as two great motivators. Find other ways that motivate him that focus on the positive. He may never care that he’s wet, but he might care a great deal to earn something fantastic!

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