Potty Training Multiples: Part Two

Potty training twins with Potty Time!By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

This is the second installment in a two-part series about potty training multiples. To see our first installment, click HERE. In our first article we talked about readiness and supplies. Now we move into working with the twins together… although not necessarily potty training together!

To compete or not to compete? Some parents of multiples have had great luck with using a little healthy peer pressure so that one twin is motivated to train by watching the other. However, this isn’t always the case. As with everything else in their lives, twins are very separate little human beings. It’s okay if one is ready and not the other and it’s okay to just let that slide.

Maggie’s Experience:  I was worried that my little guy would feel left out when his sister started potty training, but he’s perfectly fine. It actually seems to be helping him get a little more interested in the potty. Sometimes he’s completely oblivious to what’s going on, sometimes he wants to sit on the potty too (fully clothed and for 2.7 seconds), and sometimes he wants to wear the potty seat as a hat.

One resource working for two: Use the same resources you might with just one child. Potty Time music, prizes, motivators, etc. may all end up motivating one as the other observes. As one twin catches on, the other may be learning too, even if they aren’t demonstrating it yet by going on the potty. You never know what those little minds are soaking in just by observation!

Potty Time fun!Maggie’s Experience: Even though he isn’t potty training yet, when Veda’s potty watch goes off, Linus declares “Potty Time!” and runs to the bathroom. He’s not ready to get started yet, but he’s learning that potty time is fun and learning how the process works. I’m willing to bet that when he is ready, that first couple of days might be a little easier than it was with his sister.

Thanks to Maggie for all her great insights and stories! Be sure to visit her at her blog!




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