Potty Time Wins Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award!

Potty Time You Can Do It PackThe Potty Time “You Can Do It” Pack is the winner of the Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award! Independent parent volunteers from across the country gave Potty Time a big thumbs up after testing out the Potty Time DVD, Potty Time Reminder Watch, and other accompanying products. Here’s what they said:

  • Potty Time has given my daughter the confidence she needs to potty train. She’s learning all about her body. This video is engaging and full of fun songs! My daughter loves to sit on her potty and sing along. Potty time has never been more fun.
    It took the stress out of training!
  • I liked the video, my daughter picked up the signing right away (we used to sign before she was a proficient talker) and it was friendly and brightly coloured. The songs were easy enough to remember too! But the watch – that’s the real star here!
  • When I had my first-born my mother told me to place him on the potty every half an hour to ensure an easy transition from the diaper. Once he conquered the half an hour mark, I increased the increments so that he could hold his bladder longer. This method worked! Within a few short days he was trained. The hard part was getting through those few LONG days with my eyes glued to the clock and the worry of finding a potty! Well, thanks to Potty Time the second time around was a BREEZE! I’ve found that MY diligence with potty training wanes as I become frustrated with her accidents…this watch helps to remind ME!! And when I see my daughter’s face light up when the music comes on, it lightens the mood of the task 🙂
  • We are a signing family and this fit us just perfectly! The DVD is fun, educational and interactive. My son loved the music and was so thrilled to start his journey to the thrown! Best of all, the package came with a colorful watch that uses music and blinking lights to remind your child that it’s time to go! I started him off at 30 min intervals then increased to 60, and eventually 90-minute intervals. My son loved when the watch sounded, we all danced and made our way to the potty with ease! It took 3 short days to potty train him without having the stress of watching the clock or having to place a screaming child on the potty–instead he wanted to go because he felt ‘special’ and it was fun! *note* I also used the potty watch on the night-table and set it to 90 minute intervals. This was a perfect stretch for our night-time routine. 1 accident later….and the rest is history!! YAY Potty time! AMAZING PRODUCT FOR ANY FAMILY OF CHILDREN! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! GENIUS IDEA!

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