P is for Potty: My Potty ABCs

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C

We get a lot of questions on our Facebook page about ways to encourage children to use the potty. One of my personal favorite supports for potty training – and really, all things parenting – is to include children’s literature as a part of the approach.

So, when Paskwa Murunga approached me about reviewing her book, “P is for Potty! My Potty ABCs”, I was more than happy to take a look.

As you might have guessed, it is an ABC book, with each letter of the alphabet corresponding to something to do with the potty. A is for Ask, B is for Bathroom, C is for Clap, and so on.

The illustrations are bright and engaging, and the look of excitement on the potty training toddler’s face just might be contagious – which is good news for parents trying to give a reluctant tike a little nudge into potty training. Likewise, the parents’ roll is portrayed in the illustrations as both supportive and celebratory, cheering on their little one through potty victory, and working through a few accidents as well.

“P is for Potty! My Potty ABCs” would be a nice addition to the Potty Time program. Your little one can use our “Celebrate” song with the toddler in the book as they go through “C is for Clap”, say “I is for I did it”, and move with “J is for Jump”. Likewise, our “Uh-oh, It’s an Accident” song is a natural accompaniment with “O is for Oops!”,

Give this book a try and get ready to read, recite the ABCs, and sing and dance your way to Potty Time success!

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