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By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

Here’s another question/comment from our Facebook community:

“I don’t know what to do about the regression. It’s so frustrating.

Regression is frustrating, no doubt! Just when you think you’ve gotten somewhere with this whole potty training thing, your sweet little ones get another idea in their heads and it’s back to accidents, wet clothes, and maybe even diapers.

Regression can happen for many reasons, and your job may be to do a little detective work and find out just what is causing the regression. In other words, you may need to shift the focus from thinking about the regression to treating the cause.

Some common causes of regression include: a change in routine (due to things like holidays, vacations, a move, or illness, etc.), lack of interest or motivation on the part of the child, or a need for more consistency among all of the adults caring for your child.

With my son, the marathon-long potty trainer, we had to switch up the rewards from time to time, take a break when we traveled, and as he got older we could reason with him more and insisted he went potty or it was back to diapers – not something you necessarily would want to do with the new potty trainer, but the kid was a year into it!

While each situation is different, be sure you have consistency and routine in place and that you are using motivators that work for your child. Also, take a look at our Quick Tips and Resources pages and see if you can get some new ideas from there.




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