Community Question: Night Wetting

By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

Question: Do you have any tips for nighttime training? My daughter is almost 5 and still wears a pull-up to bed. Every once in a while she says she wants to wear panties and we encourage it, but she always wets. She will do it for 2-3 nights and then wants to go back to wearing a pull-up.

Answer: Nighttime training can be tricky. It isn’t at all unusual for a child to train during the day and then take much longer to train at night. In fact, some pediatricians say not to worry about nighttime accidents as a problem until the child is six years old!

At almost five your daughter is old enough to make some decisions. Might she be willing to try for five to seven nights? Maybe check each night off a chart. If after the allotted time she is still wetting, let her go back to the pull-up if it is mutually agreeable. But it may take more than two or three nights for her body to start to sense she has to go.

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2 thoughts on “Community Question: Night Wetting

  1. my friend wakes up her 3 year old at 10 or 11pm before she goes to bed and takes him potty, then he stays dry until morning. I used to use an alarm clock when I was kid to wake myself up during the night to stay dry all night.