Community Question: Getting Started

By Colleen Brunetti, MEd

We get lots of good questions on our Facebook page, and from time to time we like to answer them here!

When is a good time to start potty training? How do you start potty training? (Thomas)

This is something all parents start to wonder, often around a child’s second birthday. Can it be true? Is it time to ditch the diapers?

When your child is ready to start depends completely on them!

Those who choose to train in the toddler years will want to look for signs of readiness. These signs can include: an interest in the potty, ability to tell when they have to go, and the ability to pull pants up and down. For more details on readiness, you can check out our article HERE.

Likewise, the best way to start potty training is largely dependent on your family dynamic. Are you home all day to devote a lot of time specifically to the process? Or will you need to coordinate with a care provider?

One thing you will definitely want to consider is how to best motivate your child. Some parents like tangible rewards, like stickers and prizes, and we have a great chart you can use HERE.

Other families prefer non-tangible rewards, and you can read more about those options HERE.

Whatever you choose, patience, a positive attitude, flexibility, and a good stash of cleaning supplies are by far your best tools for a successful potty training experience!

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