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Potty Time Sequence Cards: Teach the four steps of the potty process
Potty Time Success Chart: Keep track of your child’s success
Potty Time Certificate: Celebrate potty time success
Potty Time App: Get a call from Rachel, virtual stickers, and more!

Free Potty Time Downloads

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  2. Hi, would it be possible to get these flash cards? I have a daughter with Down Syndrome and she’s 5 and not fully potty trained yet and would appreciate any help I can get!

    If so please email back and I’ll give my address.

    Thanks so much,


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  4. My 22 month old has been doing good using the bathroom pee and poo but lately i feel hes backing away! And if i dont remind him and take him to the toilet he doesnt tell me but when i DO take him he uses the bathroom. I dont know whats the next step to do i took him off the pull ups but did an accident on the floor and now hea back in pull outs

    • Hello – At 22 months reminding him and taking him frequently is still okay. As he gets a bit older and more independent he’ll be able to go on his own more and more. You could also try our Potty Watch which he can wear and which will do the reminding for you! It’s also okay to ditch the pull-ups and stick with underwear if you think he’s ready. Just have him help clean up wet messes and wash up, which will help teach him some of the responsibility as you go. Good luck!

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