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  1. Hi I have a almost 4 and 1/2 and 3 and1/2 year old. Yes they are 13 months apart. My daughter the older on is almost there she goes on the potty and toilet having difficulties right now with number two. My son the younger one knows about the potty where it is located and sometimes wants to sit on there usually right before bedtime. He doesn’t really want to try during the day for me. He goes to school for two days a week only for 2 and half hours and I send him there with a pullup on. Any suggestions as to what else I may be able to do to try and get my daughter fully trained by this September she will be attending Kindergarten because she will be 5. Any help with this would be truly appreciated. Thanks!!!!

    • Hi Deborah,

      Thank you for writing! What are the “difficulties right now with number two”? You want to make sure she is not physically uncomfortable with eliminating or possibly afraid of having what she sees as a part of herself swirl down the drain. Those would be the first things to check. Have you watched the Potty Time video yet? It does a great job explaining how eliminating is a part of what our amazing bodies do. You might take a look around for some books about pottying. There is a very silly but very effective one called “Everyone Poops” that may help her understand the process.

      I’m not sure what you’ve tried in the past with your son, but success often comes with finding the right motivator. Make sure you are giving lots of praise and positive reinforcement just for sitting on the potty even if he doesn’t go. Right now it sounds like he would benefit from motivation just to try. You can move to reinforcements for actually going once he is at least trying on a regular bases.

      Hope that helps!

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