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Our Facebook fans are asking some great questions. We’ll be answering them over on Facebook and archiving them on our Community Questions page! You can read the Facebook conversation by clicking on the actual question too.

Will it ever end? This made me laugh because I felt much the same way… yes, it will, I promise!! I also happen to know from experience as it took well over a year to potty train our spirited little guy (which you can read about here: Potty Training Al Fresco)

Kids are funny… they do things so very much on their own time. Take a look at a few factors: Are they physically and emotionally ready? Do you have effective motivators in place? Do you have supplies that are working (pull-ups or training pants, a good potty seat, etc.)?
But, yes, yes, yes… it will end! :)

And we welcome everyone’s additional thoughts and maybe a little help and inspiration for mom on the topic!

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